Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Life Instyle Fair Melbourne-August 2012

I'm eagerly awaiting via the count down of days (but also a little apprehensive) about my visit to frosty Melbourne in August! I haven't worn closed toe shoes for over a year and I keep seeing friends post pics on Facey looking like sumo wrestlers they have puffa jacket syndrome. As you probably know by now I live in natures version of a humidifier in Ho Chi Minh. But alas, this little lady needs to go and share her wares with the world at the Life Instyle Fair that's taking place at the Centenary Hall Precinct at the Flemington Show Grounds from the 2-5 August.  I will be the one wearing too few Winter clothes (as I don't own any!) and sporting a tan ;-) To be completely honest I'm a wee bit nervous to be kicking it with the big guys and gals, but also so excited to share my new wares with the peeps of Australia. 

I have been diversifying my backside off over the past few weeks and months and really interested to find out what the retailers of Australia think. You can find me in booth 2414. littlelandofpia has joined forces with some of her lady mates and will share the space and go under the banner Greenhouse Interiors. 
"Greenhouse Interiors develops up and coming designers making their debut into a retail marketplace, by promoting a select group of 
artisan products via a wholesale channel."


I have been spending hours and hours hunting around my beloved 'Ho' for leather, sequined fabric, silk, zips, digital printers, embroidery specialists, more second hand books from the 1940's-1980's, fossicking through boxes of old antique family photographs (and an array of other menial and annoying tasks) to bring to you a range of unique and quirky products to love and hold for many years to come. I am hoping to bring with me (fingers crossed) 
A3 sized original littlelandofpia collages, large (52x76cm) littlelandofpia screenprinted/collaged and spray painted works on paper, fabric flags that feature littlelandofpia designs digitally printed onto silk as ready made wall art, embroided silk cushions, digitally printed linen cushions, leather and sequin zip purses/ipad sacks in rad colors and textures, gift cards and Xmas cards! Pheeewww I'm exhausted just typing it out!
I will post pics when the samples are back. I'm sorry she is not a pretty lookin' post!
Lots of love from my littlelandofpia, hoping to meet you at the Life Instyle fair xx

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