Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Social Media is making me less sociable

Evening peeps , thanks for checking in. I hope you had a nice day?

Just letting you know that I like every other person with a love for shopping, magazines and gathering great inspiration has created her own pinterest page! http://pinterest.com/littlelandofpia/ 
I couldn't understand what the fuss was all about, until, I started navigating about and realising how awesome it was!! I'm all about a visual, you name it, I love it (aside from Zoo magazine and anything with a science fiction feel to it). So when I found I could grab pics off the Internet and scour other peoples boards (including design and blogging demi gods) to create my own hypothetical boards of 'stuff I dearly wished I had, but because I choose to live in Vietnam cannot possibly own until I return to Australia when it is warm and I have a house' kind of torture. For some reason, my inner Interior Design gene is thumping fast and I am on the hunt (daily) for more inspiration. Just to clear things up, I rent, would like to own a house, but its still a good 12-18 months off and still I'm lusting after cornices, handles and bench top surfaces like I'm staring into a Christian Loubatin window display! Yes, it's true, this added social media stuff is making me less social, and just quietly, I'm liking it!! Get amongst it!

If your a Facebook user, you can also check out my littlelandofpia Facebook page and give her a thumbs up if you like what you see ;-)

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