Sunday, 27 May 2012

'All about Saigon' littlelandofpia series.

Happy Sunday cyber friends! I hope this blog post finds you peachy sweet?

So...I have been working on an entirely Vietnam inspired commission this week, which was a slightly different challenge for me in my work. I was asked to make 24 collages for people that have been living in Saigon, but are moving on. This commision was different in the sense that I am more often than not scouring Ho Chi Minh for great paper finds but usually thinking of a Western customer living in Australia. So I suppose I sub-conciously make my collage pieces less Vietnamese in their context and try and make references in my work that are more recognisable for Australian residents. This request was good for me as I could really reflect on what inspires me living day-to-day in Ho Chi Minh. I found a whole lot of antique family photographs, more old stamps, vintage maps of the Ho, recipe books, more dogs, people, animals and embroidery flowers to capture this little land  of Saigon on paper. Here is a taste of what I made..... I'm off to the framers now to get them floated in box style wooden frames. Hopefully the soon to be owners dig what I made them! I'm nervous!

Click on the images below to make them bigger, and clearer ;-)

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  1. Really nice, Pia! Love the gradients in the background. I would like to hang 24 of these on my walls!