Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Design Files Feature- Monday May 14th 2012


I am in my own heavenly utopia of love and kudos after the amazing (not to mention extremely flattering) response I had on the Design Files Daily blog yesterday. Its a dream that I was enabled this exposure and opportunity. Thank you all for commenting  and checking out this very blog and my Facebook page littlelandofpia as well. I can't tell you how surreal it is to read such lovely things about what you make, by so many people that you have never met, when you are sitting at a computer in Vietnam! I have since discovered my work has travelled onto Pinterest, Tumblr and other peoples blogs as well. Living the dream it seems! Thank you all xxx

I had a few inquiries about pricing....
If you walk into or contact any of my stockists (you will see this information on the Stockist Link) you will have in your hot little hands a littlelandofpia original for:
Larger paper pieces are 56x76cm before going in a frame- and range anywhere between $550 and $700 AUD depending on how the piece is framed -ie. floating , type of frame etc ...
Smaller pieces are 28x38cm in size before going into a frame. Framed they range between $310-$360 AUD, again depending on frame and how it is framed.
Unframed large pieces 56x76cm- $330 AUD
Unframed small pieces 28x38cm- $210 AUD
Ms Julia Green is the lady you need to contact to arrange purchasing.

Julia Green
m. +61 401 961 72

I hope I can liven up your walls and keep your eyes entertained for many years to come ;-) xxx

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