Friday, 17 July 2015

Prices and how to order

Thinking about ordering your very own littlelandofpia collage?

Thank you for taking the time to browse my work! 
I specialize in making custom collaged art works just for you. I feel I offer clients a unique gift, in that I create artworks based on your life story. So there are no two artworks the same, they are created with you in mind and the concepts we discuss. You can email me at or contact me via this blog if you wish to proceed with an order. 

I generally make two different sized pieces, read below for examples and prices and information. 

A 28cmx38cm mixed media collage on excellent quality Arches artists' paper created especially for you is $270 AUD unframed and $370 framed in natural timber or white. My collages come 'floating' in the frame therefore without a mount, as the pieces often have 3D elements to them so they are more effectively framed in this manner. It usually takes up to a month for your piece to be professionally framed. So you should allow around 6 weeks to receive your artwork if you wish for it to be framed. 

I like to think that my artworks are a quirky self portrait of the recipient, made up of images that are symbols and significant things meaningful to them. I often ask my client such things as what are their (interests, favorite places/holidays, favorite plants/flowers, sporting teams, pets, nick names, their family dynamic, occupation, heroes or anything else you or I can think of!) I then go through my collection of vintage books and gather the pictures and then arrange them into a meaningful composition often with gouache paint. These works take me days (sometimes longer) to create, so it may take me a couple of weeks to get to you, but I can often prioritize orders if you require them sooner. 

Here are some examples of my smaller sized collages.....

I also recently created this piece below (apologies for the terrible mobile phone image!) which employs this same concept as above, but on a bigger scale and uses the families home town and all of the things that make Geelong home to them. This was 56x76cm and therefore significantly bigger than the pieces above, so more expensive. Email me if you would like more information, as I can customize the size of your piece. 

Larger collage works

These original hand made collages created especially for you utilize screen printing in the back ground, then spray paint and stencils over the top. I then employ the same process as the smaller pieces I described above and search high and low and gather images that best represent the recipient and the ideas we discuss together to create an original composition. You may notice my love of typography and see that I will often incorporate letters and numbers into the design. These pieces are best suited to larger wall spaces as they are often bold and command your attention. You dictate your preferred color scheme and any symbols or images that you wish to include. My larger pieces are 56x76cm and $370 AUD unframed and $570 professionally framed. Your artwork will come 'floating' in either a white or natural timber frame and without a mount. You need to allow up to 6 weeks for your piece to be made and professionally framed from the time of placing the order to receiving your framed art work.

Here are some examples of pieces I have created in recent times....


I also create more abstract styled gouache (a type of paint) and collage pieces that are nothing like the two styles mentioned above! They are usually inspired by recent observations, sayings or trends at the time. I love using pattern, especially with paint and combining this with graphic images to create a bold and unique aesthetic. Here are some examples. I would be happy to create pieces for you, large or small and with your concept in mind if you wish. These works start at $250 unframed for 28x38cm and increase in price depending on the size that you are interested in. Email me at to discuss your ideas further.


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