Saturday, 17 November 2012

littlelandofpia NIGHTMARE for Design Files Open House 2012

I have been to hell and back this week. The 6 works (that you see below) that I poured my heart into for the much anticipated Design Files Open House in Melbourne have been lost in a couriers warehouse in Melbourne for over a week and the company TNT refuses to conduct any further searches. The work appears to have gone without a trace. I also had another 6 pieces for a store in South Australia in the same parcel. So 12 pieces have vanished. I have been phoning them, two of my adorable mates Surinder and Caitlin (thank you so much!!!!) have been hounding them to keep looking and we got nothing. I can't believe it. I'm not sure what lesson I was meant to learn from this. It just seems so unfair.
So these art works will NOT appear in the house. I am so angry, sad, frustrated and disappointed. It's a complete nightmare!!!!! I live in Vietnam and ship artwork to Australia, literally every week. I have been doing this for a year. I have not encountered anything like this before. Of course, the biggest gig of my career so far comes around and they go missing. I am really struggling at the moment, feeling really low and lacking motivation.
I will be able to submit work into the house as long as they are framed and delivered by Tuesday 27th of November. I need to work hard this weekend to pull out some magic. Wish me luck!!! I will photograph them and share them when I can, presuming they make it in time!

This is the blog post I drafted a week ago that I was planning on sharing with you guys around the time that the house opened.

I am so thrilled that I was asked to submit 6 collages (!!) for the much anticipated and much talked about The Design Files Open House project.  The Open House, is a pop-up-shop concept, where by the organizers (Lucy and Lisa-Marie) transform a Melbourne home filled with the wares of Australia's Art and Design Royalty! Last year was the first time the initiative had taken place and there were something like 5000 people that visited the house and purchased products and art that was displayed in a fully functional house over the four days. Pretty sweet hey! I'm beyond jealous that I won't be there again this year to see it in all its glory (living in Vietnam, will be home 10 days after it finishes) and see my artwork hanging along side some of my idols! The media coverage alone last year was immense, so it is without any uncertainty that I communicate how incredibly lucky I am to be a 'chosen one'! You can see who was lucky enough to be included in this seriously glorious project here. Or if you just want to see me (!!) you can see me my info and images here. My best friend of about 15 years, Emma Cleine of Lumiere Art + Co also got a ticket to ride! You can see her wares and what she will have hanging on the walls here. What I would give to crack a bottle of champagne and celebrate this occasion with her!

The Open House will be open to the public from Thursday November 29th to December the 2nd in a house in Windsor Melbourne, Australia. You will need to check the Design Files website to get the physical address closer to the date, as it has not been published as yet if you wish to check it out.

If you do not subscribe to The Design Files, you are missing out! Lucy the lady and brains behind the blog, sources new and inspiring products, houses, designers and initiatives from across Australia and publishes a post on some one or something up-and-coming daily. I was possibly the happiest lady in Vietnam on May the 14th this year when littlelandofpia was the feature story on this hugely popular blog for the day! I still can't believe that is little ol' me that all of those lovely people are talking about in the comments section!

Anyway, I just thought I would share with you the art works I would have had for sale in the Design Files Open House. I have 4 small pieces 28x38cm framed and they are $340 each and 2 larger pieces 56x76cm framed which are $680 each.
"The Chinese Burn" 28x38cm-gouache, spray painted stencils, crayon, graphite and collage on paper.

"Flipping the Bird" 29x38cm- gouache, spray painted stencils, crayon, graphite and collage on paper. 1/1

"North of the River/South of the River" 28x38cm collage and pen on paper. 1/1

"I thought it best to join the office footy tipping comp, so no one judges me, cos I'm from Queensland" 28x38cm collage and gouache on paper. 1/1

"Mum said our small town is cosmopolitan cos the bakery makes cappuccinos" 56x76cm spray paint, collage and pencil on paper. 1/1
"Being a postie is tough, but at least I get to watch birds-said Terry" 56x76cm, screen printing, spray paint, collage and pencil on paper. 1/1


  1. I read your post on fb the other day about it. It's absolutely awful Pia and I really feel for you.

    Don't worry about what lesson you are supposed to learn. Sometimes crappy shit just happens. It just is. I guess the only thing I would say is don't worry if you can't make it happen this year. Other opportunities will come.

    Hope you feel a bit better soon.

    1. Thank you Cathy. You are so sweet. I really appreciate your kind words of support. Yep, it happens to the best of us and yes, shit happens!

  2. As much of sad story this is, this is lovely heartfelt post Pia. I still feel that they will turn up or something magic will happen (and I'm not referring to a bumper sticker here). You're still part of it even though those six collages may not be there. Geezzz- I'd bump up the price though if they are found! Maybe we should be looking through lockers at Southern Cross Station Weeping Women-style?

    1. Too funny Emma, thanks for your reply and suggestions ;-) I hope you're right and they do surface. It will be interesting if they are ever seen, which would prove that they were stolen. I forgot about those cheesy "magic happens" bumper stickers! So 1998!! ;-)
      Pia x

  3. Hi Pia, After seeing your work and my work featured in The Assembly Hall blog and having clicked into your blog for a look, I felt I had to write a note to say not only hello but I am so sorry about your artwork going missing. I know how I would feel. So sorry. I am sure all will be well Ali x

    1. Dearest Ali, thanks so much for your message and sympathy! Yes, I'm still gutted about that missing parcel. Fortunately I managed to make 4 pieces to replace the ones that went missing for Design Files Open House, but I almost had a nervous break down in the process ;-) Your work is stunning. I just did a little Internet stalkage myself! I love the pieces you posted on your blog from your last Life drawing sesh. Gorgeous use of line and texture and color! Jess from Assembly Hall is just the sweetest, isn't she!
      Have a nice weekend xx

  4. So sorry to read this Pia...I came across your booth at the An Phu French market and I thought it was wonderful. What a loss for you. I hope something transpired since writing the post.
    Best wishes...