Saturday, 28 April 2012

I like their old stuff better than their new stuff

I spend a lot of time shaking my head as I drive around my beloved Ho Chi Minh on my motorbike. Yes the driving and 'road rules'(non existent) are shocking if not slightly funny. The 'fashion' (questionable) is also worthy of some double takes. Today I saw a lady cruising around in skin coloured stockings, diamonte stilettos, a bright yellow ra-ra dress, a leopard print belt and a Disney character hoody. Yes all one 'outfit' and it was midday and no dress up parties on the radar as far as I'm aware!
But that's still not it....
Every week, weathered and charming buildings that once dominated this city appear less often. I'm like that sniffer dog searching bags on the conveyor belt at Tullamarine airport when I crusie the streets. I'm on constant alert for anything 'old'. Ok, maybe not men, but definitely anything in the building, antique furniture or antique knick knack category. When I do come across places that fit this category I drive by and smile imagining what this city would have looked like 50 years ago. Sadly most of these faves of mine have been flattened and replaced by non-descript 1980's styled office buildings in the three years we have lived here, not to mention the countless many before that. Street after street has been bulldozed, ladies still sit road side selling durians, or live crabs wrapped together waiting for a motorbike to stop and purchase them, in what would have been a bustling market place 3 months earlier. This particular apartment block photographed above is about 40 minutes from my place but I have been travelling past it for 3 years admiring it for its ramshackled exterior and lovely flaking shutters. To me it exudes all that I love. I have been thinking to myself for months that I must photograph this place. Today it was 'pissing rain' but I rode across town and captured this old gal on camera. I'm so glad I did, as sadly the next time I head back that way it too will probably be rubble....
Too bad I didn't capture that outfit I mentioned earlier. Leave it with me, maybe my next post can be titled "What not to wear?'xx

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  1. Hahahahahaah! I laughed so hard! :) you are awesome Ms.Blair!!